Sleeping Rough to Raise Money for Homeless Youth

Beach Constructions proudly participated in the 2019 SleepStreet, organised by the Property Industry Foundation (PIF). The charity, supported by companies in the construction industry raised over $235,000 to help build houses and reduce homelessness.

Participants experienced sleeping rough for one night.

” We started the night sleeping on a cardboard box in the park until it started to rain. We then had to quickly find some sort of shelter, and most of us found refuge in door ways or under walkways”  said Skye Reardon, Business Development Manager, Beach Constructions.

” As you can imagine, most us didn’t sleep well that night, but it was great to see the industry come together for such a wonderful cause. It’s awful to know that so many people, especially kids, sleep rough in our cities every night.  The least we can do is walk in their shoes for one night so we can raise awareness and much needed funds for the PIF Foundation  Skye said “.